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Globaltech After Sales Service

1、Three Warranty Service:
Globaltech brand Fully implements the Provisions on the responsibility for replacement and return of Goods of micro computer products which jointly issued by General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and Ministry of information industry.

The provisions on the liability (hereinafter referred to as the "microcomputer Three Guarantees"). Within the validity period of Three Guarantees, consumers can carry or send the faulty products to the nearest Three Guarantee service outlets to get the corresponding services due to manufacturing quality problem.

2、Globaltech brand after sale service rules of Three Guarantee.

3、The definition of the relevant provisions for Globaltech Brand Three Guarantee.

4、Globaltech products Three Warranty is basic on the Guarantee Period marked on the package. The Guarantee Period of keyboard and mouse series product is no less than 12 month, while the headset series product is no less than 6 months.

5、Three Warranty period of validity:The start date is from the original purchase invoice or receipt.(If can not track the date of purchase, the start date will be accorded with the production date on the Product conformity mark).And will corresponding deduct the repair time and the time wait for components. If Three Warranty period is the last day of legal holidays, so the last day of Three Warranty will be the next day of legal holiday.

6、The definition of valid evidence for Three Warranty:There are signature and stamp from selling company, and completely fill out the Three Warrantee Proof according to the provisions.

7、The definition of invoice or valid receipt: there are signature and stamp from selling company, or there are shopping vouchers issued by local state industrial and commercial administration department.

8、FL Products Three Warranty Commitment
The first 1-7 days of Three Warranty, if the purchased goods have performance failure as per "Microcomputer Three Guarantees" ,consumers can choose to return, replacement or repaire with free of charge. If consumers choose to return (returned products require undamaged packaging, including product and all accessories), please go to the distributor which you purchased products and the distributor will follow the purchase price (according to the official invoice or effective receipt with listed price which marked vendor information, the same as below) one-time retreat all the money.

The 8th to 30th days of Three Warranty period, if the purchased goods have performance failure as per "Microcomputer Three Guarantees" listed ,consumers can choose to replace new products or repair without charge. If consumer choose to replace, please go to the distributor which you bought from and replace the same model with same spec. If the same model and spec was off production, it can be replaced by other models which at least the same function as per original product.

Globaltech After-sales service method provided

Advisory services: If users encounter any problems during use, please call Telephone 0769-8991 9198.

Replacement service: eplacement products during the period, if there is quality problem due to factory causes, the user can go to the dealer to replace new product freely (If the problem of appearance damaged, it will be repaired as per warranty).

Repair Warranty:The product with warranty period, if quality problems arise, users can go to the local service center to get repair warranty service. If there is no local service center, the user can entrust the dealer to carry on the guarantee service.

Repair Service: The product with repair period, if quality problems arise, users can go to the local service center or entrust the dealer to get repair service.

From the purchasing date, Globaltech will provide free repair service in a year if there is quality problem under normal use.

Please bring the warranty card and original purchase invoices when require free repair service. Please keep the warranty card and purchase invoices properly. Please provide the relevant proof if there is no warranty card.

Before using our products, please read the product manual carefully.

The following cases are not included in the repair warranty

○ Any appearance of man-made scratches, damaged parts, loose or knocked marks.

○ Product accessories such as barcode labels and screw holes protect label were damaged, missing, altered or inconsistent with the product.

○ Improper install the program operation of the device, or errors caused by negligent use of water and pollution products penetrate the irresistible factors cause damage.

○ Products due to bear too high, too fast voltage damage caused.

(Note: The Company reserves the final interpretation of the product after-sales service regulations).

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